There’s a vixen in all of us

For some people “vixen” may have negative connotations – you may associate it with a devious or stroppy woman, or someone overtly sexual who uses her body to get her own way.  For me, I associate “vixen” with a strong, independent, self-loving, confident woman.  Someone who is comfortable in her own skin, who owns her identity and doesn’t cave to societies norms just to fit in.  She is in control of her life, has drive, is successful and makes the most of the opportunities that come her way.  She has a social circle full of people who bring out the best in her, she is kind and generous with those she cares about, she follows her passions to make every day full of things that bring her joy, and as a result she inspires others to bring out their true selves.

I want to be that woman!  I want to unleash my inner vixen!

20 years ago I was a confident, self-assured, rebellious teenager who wore an awful lot of black and owned the fact I didn’t conform and was true to myself.  Since then I’ve wasted so much time trying to fit in to what society expects of me, chasing the “white picket fence” dream, caring so much about what other people think and basing my measure of success on what other people are doing or achieving at the same age. Pretty obviously that isn’t a strategy that works particularly well, so now it’s time to change the script.

Through this project I aim to find my identity again.  To reinvent myself as the woman I’ve always wanted to be and find the confidence to achieve my goals and whatever my heart desires.

It’s time to own who I am and to stop caring what other people think. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and inspiring you to become an Everyday Vixen as well.

EV xx






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