Sorting my surroundings

So far I’m not as regular at updating my blog as I’d like to be, but like all change and transformation every little step counts.

This month I am participating in dry July.  This means I have a lot of free time on weekends as I am less inclined to go out, so I am using this time to be really productive and sort my surroundings.  I am single so have every opportunity to make my apartment a reflection of who I am as a person.  Every room should be consistent with the vixen I want to be and should make me feel incredible. I don’t have to share with anyone except my two cats so why don’t I set everything up exactly how I dream it to be (just like my pinterest boards!).

I moved into the apartment 2 years ago, I set it up in stages as I got myself settled and then got a job, and I had a good friend living with me for about 9 months.  His influence and differing levels of income to support my purchases has resulted in a bit of a mix of ideas without a consistent approach across every room.  I am using my productive weekends and week nights to do a thorough spring clean, organise every room and redecorate to make my surroundings an epitome of me.

For every room I am going to strip everything out, do a massive cull of what is no longer useful to me and my vision of life, and streamlining where I can to free up as much time as possible in life, to allow me the freedom and headspace to focus on me.

I find I tend to spend a lot of time doing mental to do lists and focusing on what I need to do around the home (and work and food and exercise, but I need to start somewhere) and berating myself for still having things to do as my life isn’t where I want it to be.  This time could be so much better spent learning a new skill, working on my relationships or providing some self care or love, so by doing this massive clean up and developing new routines and habits to make this a lifestyle change, I hope to be able to better focus on me and becoming my true self.

Following on from my make up cleanse my first room is my ensuite – stay tuned for next blog post for how I make this an organised, streamlined, beautiful room to make me feel relaxed and stunning as I get ready.

EV xx


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