Step 3 – bathroom detox

Following on from my makeup detox, my next step is to make my bathroom my sanctuary.  Somewhere I am happy to be, that makes me feel beautiful and that is well organised so I can be calm and find whatever I need easily when getting ready.

Looking at Pinterest for inspiration I was really drawn to clean, clutter-free, elegant bathrooms with lots of really feminine touches like candles and crystal.  I used these ideas to create a glamorous, sensuous, clear and organised space by (apologies in advance for the lack of photography skills in such a small space!):

  1. Empty out all cupboards
  2. Group like products together
  3. Throw away any products over 2 years old or that I haven’t used in the last 6 months (don’t forget all of your products in the shower/bath as well)
  4. Get a bunch of matching containers and anything you don’t use daily group and put in containers (and if you’re super anal like me it’s time to get out the label maker):
    1. First aid kit – make it easy to find medicines or band aids when you need them rather than searching through drawers of stuff.  Make sure you get rid of any expired medicines in the process!
    2. Nail kit – polishes and manicure tools – all upright so they don’t spill.
    3. Gel nail kit if you have it – I only use gel on my toenails so having two different containers makes it easy to grab what you need.
    4. Chargers – all bathroom related chargers like electric toothbrushes.
    5. Toiletry bags – including one that is clear and already set up with mini versions of all of your daily products you can easily and quickly grab for weekends away or work trips.
    6. I also have a container for my backups – any new products or travel samples I have spare – I have to get in the habit of checking here before I buy anything else.IMG_5842
    7. Daily products – All in one tray I can easily bring onto the counter and then put away to keep everything clean and clear. I refined my daily products to:
      1. Cleanser (I keep this in the shower)
      2. Toner
      3. Day moisturiser
      4. Face serum
      5. Eye cream
      6. Night cream
      7. Body moisturiser
      8. Deoderant
      9. LipbalmIMG_5801
    8. Make up – all in one easy to transport tray that I can again pull out and put away easily with everything in easy reach.IMG_5800
    9. On my counter I now only have:
      1. Gorgeous vintage jars:
        1. Hair ties and bobby pins
        2. Cotton balls
        3. Cotton buds
      2. Imitation crystal container for toothbrush and toothpaste
      3. Magnifying mirror
      4. Handsoap
      5. Storage for hairdryer, straightener and brush (all tools can be put away hot.
      6. Candles to create ambience – especially at the end of the day when I am cleaning my face and getting ready for bed so I feel really feminine and relaxed.
    10.  Inspirational art to help me focus for the day
    11.  Gorgeous robe to help me feel sexy when I am getting ready
    12. Luxe towels and bathmat (personally I just love crisp white)IMG_5841IMG_5840

What do you think of my Vixen Glam inspired bathroom?


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