Dry July complete!

One of my other detox items for July was to not drink any alcohol.  I normally drink a few times a week and normally far too much when I go out with friends.  I don’t think it is a massive problem, but definitely isn’t the healthiest of habits, so I thought I would do Dry July this year and see what a difference it would make.  So absolutely no alcohol for the whole month of July.

I started July with a hangover – oops!  I went out with two guys from work to sample some amazing champagne a supplier had sent us.  We followed that up with another couple of amazing bottles (3 to be precise), cigars and then went to my local pub for a couple of cocktails.  Once the DJ started the guys left and I thought it was a good idea to stay there by myself with some strange drunk logic that I might meet the man of my dreams.  Cue annoyingly persistent men I was not interested in, stupid drunk “save me” texts to the guy I thought I wanted to be in a relationship with, who isn’t in the right place to get involved with anyone, then escaping home to feel alone and stupid.  I woke up the next morning full of regret about the night before (only the end part – I should have left when the guys did!), hungover and realising dry July was going to be a very good thing for me – time to relax and get myself back on track.

The month itself was pretty uneventful.  I luckily picked a month with not many social events (or I intentionally didn’t really organise anything – I tend to be the person who organises and makes things happen). I became a bit of a hermit, but that’s not a bad thing every once and a while.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and the only time I really missed alcohol is when I had a very stressful day at work.  I went out for champagne at lunch yesterday to celebrate it was over, and had a couple of wines last night with friends, and 2 days in I don’t feel like I will be drinking quite so much in the future. I will still have big events where I no doubt drink too much, but even yesterday I have really slowed down and want to enjoy the drink, rather than be the fish I used to be, so that’s a good outcome – long may it last.

The key things I learned during Dry July:

  •  A lot of my social life revolves around alcohol normally – I’m yet to decide if this is a bad thing or not.
  • I am a lot more productive on weekends when not hungover (no surprises there).
  • I genuinely like good quality wine.
  • Alcohol gives me confidence and I need to find a way to get that confidence without drinking.
  • I need to learn my limits and not be “that girl”.  I want to be the classy girl who knows about wine, appreciates it and doesn’t get completely smashed.
  • I need to stop drinking like a fish.
  • There are some people I have nothing in common with and don’t even like when I am sober.  I need to make more conscious decisions about who and how I spend my time.
  • Not drinking doesn’t have an obvious effect on my overall health – I didn’t lose weight, my skin isn’t clearer, I don’t sleep any better and I don’t feel healthier as a result.  In my mind that’s a sign my drinking wasn’t that bad anyway.
  • I need to master moderation and have at least 2 alcohol free days per week and I should be fine.

If nothing else I timed Dry July at a time when I am really reevaluating everything in my life and working out how to become the Vixen I envision myself to be. I really think getting clear on how alcohol fits in my life (good quality, properly appreciated and drunk to enjoy and with social events but in moderation so I don’t get totally smashed and make bad decisions) is a good start to how I want to live my life.

Did you do Dry July?  How do you think alcohol plays a part in you being who you want to be?

EV xx



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